Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Selected PanPastel Palettes: At the Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Web Store this Weekend!

We're excited and happy to tell you that this coming weekend the Blue Knight Rubber Stamps web store will be offering some new and very exciting products...

The web store will be offering 2 brand new Blue Knight selected color palettes of PanPastel Ultra Soft Artists Painting Pastels.

PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (in other words, they're cake-like).
The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that artists can blend and apply dry color like fluid paint, yet they are dry, and this means that they require no drying time.
(*Perfect for card makers like us!)

We love that PanPastel is a very forgiving medium to use, and you'll be able to use any eraser to correct mistakes or remove the color.
Something that allows us to create neat...clean..tidy cards with no color bleeding or smudging!

As of all of this isn't exciting and awesome enough...because...
We've put together two Custom Selected Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Color Palettes to make it easy for YOU to color and create amazing Sunrises, Sunsets, Day and Night Skies and more!

The Sunrise & Sunset Palette consists of a collection of 7 PanPastel colors and tools that blend and work wonderfully together. This palette will have you creating magnificent sunrises and sunsets on your Blue Knight stamped images.

The Day & Night Palette, also consists of 7 PanPastel colors chosen by Blue Knight, that blend beautifully for creating day and night skies.

The Blue Knight web store will also offer a selection of individual Pans that  will work together with the palettes. These individual colors are compatible with adding color to, and creating, some landscape elements.

Why is Blue Knight offering these custom-chosen color palettes?
Blue Knight has a large selection of rubber stamps that have wonderful sky, water and landscape details that are ideal for PanPastel coloring.
Stormy skies, cloudy skies, night skies, sunrise and sunsets, creating light, reflections and shadowing PanPastel colors are all included in these amazing palettes.
You'll be amazed at how easy color combining, blending, layering and creating new colors will be with PanPastels.

Our Heidi Pettie Cloud Stencil is a great companion to the palettes for those times when you want to add beautiful clouds to an image.
We're sure that you'll find yourself reaching for these custom Blue Knight PanPastel palettes over and over again when adding color to your stamped images.

Whether you are an accomplished colorist, painter or card maker, or a beginner and new to adding color to stamped images and paper crafting projects, you'll find PanPastels easy to work with and you'll be amazed with what YOU can create.

We have a great video to share with you today...
Lynn, the owner of Blue Knight Rubber Stamps, will show you the Palettes and how easy it is to use them.
She'll also show you and a stack of cards that she's created with the new Blue Knight's PanPastel palettes

We are excited about all of the coloring possibilities that come with using PanPastels, the ease of using them and how wonderfully they work with our stamps.

You'll find the 2 Color palettes  HERE, at the Blue Knight web store this weekend, along with individual companion colors.

When you begin creating and coloring with your PanPastels, be sure to head over to the
FANS of BLUE KNIGHT RUBBER STAMPS Facebook group  to share photos of what you've created!
We always love seeing what you've created!
You can visit and join the group HERE


  1. Awesome cards and video. Thanks, for sharing. I am loving all your backgrounds.

  2. Thank you!
    PanPastels make them possible and fun to create!

  3. I am addicted, thank you for introducing me to them.